Call Of Duty: Black Ops Runs Slow! How To Make COD Run Faster On Your PC In Minutes

Call Of Duty Black Ops may be one of the fastest selling games of all time, but it’s continually running slowly for millions of players around the World. If you’re experiencing the Call Of Duty game running slowly, the good news is that if you can boost the speed of this system in the most effective way possible by using the steps outlined on this web page. The problem that you’ll have is that there are a number of different common problems that lead COD to run slower, especially in Multiplayer, meaning that if you want to speed up this game – you basically need to run through the problems you may have and fix them in the most complete way possible.

Why Does Call Of Duty Run Slower?

The reason why Call Of Duty will run slower is basically down to the way in which your computer will not be able to correctly process the settings required for it to run. Each time you play a game like COD, your computer will have to load up 100′s of settings just to help the game load & operate…but if any of those settings are corrupted or damaged, then it’s going to take your computer longer to process them which will slow it down.

All games run slower thanks to the way in which your computer will be unable to properly read the settings, files or options which it needs. You should always remember that your game is just an “interface”, whereby there are 1,000′s of calculations being processed in the background at all times when it’s playing. It just takes one of these processes to run slower in order to have a detrimental effect on the entire game!

How To Make COD Run Fast

The way to make Call Of Duty run faster again is to basically clean out any of the problems that could be causing the game to run slower:

1) Step 1 – Stop Any Programs Other Than Call Of Duty From Running

If you’ve got programs like TeamSpeak, web browsers or some other application running on your PC all the time, then you need to make sure you can close them down in order to give priority to the COD application. Not many people know this, but your PC has a certain number of resources that will allow it to run, and if your PC has any programs running, it will take up these resources & leave none for COD. You should load up the “Task Manager” (by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL) to stop any other processes from running.

2) Step 2 – Lower All The Game Settings (Especially Video Options)

If you’re like me, then you’ll love to have games running at full graphics settings. Although this is great, with new games like COD, it means that you have to have a pretty decent PC to handle it. By far the most effective way to stop the game from running slow is to lower all the settings the game will have, allowing it to run much smoother & more effectively as a result.

3) Step 3 – Clean Out Any Damaged Registry Settings On Your PC

This is a big one! The “registry” is a constant cause of problems for millions of computers around the World, is is basically a central directory of all the files & settings that Windows will require to run. It’s best to think of the registry as like the “Yellow Pages” for your computer – a place where Windows can look up everything from your desktop icons to your most recent documents. It’s often the case that the registry will be corrupted or damaged – leading many of your programs to run much slower, preventing your computer from running properly. To fix this, you can download a registry cleaner program from the Internet & run it on your PC to make it run really fast again.

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